Enhancing Small Eyes

how to enhance small eyesThe first thing to do to make small eyes look wider is to increase the space on the eyelid and you can achieve this by plucking your eyebrows just a little so that they look a tad bit thinner and what is most important is to make sure you keep them looking tidy and clean.

Apply a neutral color eye shadow on the entire eye lid and then put darker eye shadow on the outer corner of the eye from the roots of the eye lashes and make a ā€œVā€ form on to the crease of the eye. A champaign color, white shimmer or frost should be applied to the brow bone to highlight the eyes making them look brighter and wider. The lighter color will bring out the eyes and the darker color on the edge will create a frame for the eye. Do not apply dark colors on the inner corner of the eyelid because this will make them look smaller.

Line the upper eyelash with dark eyeliner and pull the color past the outer corner of your eye and do the same on the lower lash creating a misty look with your finger tip or Q-tip.

Mascara is essential for a wider eye look. Apply at least two coats to the entire length of the lashes giving special attention to the outer edges to bring out the entire length and calling attention to this area. You can add an extra coat of blue mascara for an extra touch of color.

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